Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District
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Suite 6
Marianna, FL 32448

PH:   (850) 526-2610 ext 101
FAX:   (850) 482-7952

The 1930's Dust Bowl disaster spurred the U.S. Congress to declare soil and water conservation a national policy and priority in 1935. To elicit the active support of land owners on a local level, soil and water conservation districts serving conservation needs at a county level were created to work in partnership with the federal government. Today there are approximately 3000 conservation districts nationwide involved in efforts as varied as their conservation needs and the local citizenry that they serve.

The governing body of a soil and water conservation district consists of five elected supervisors. The office of a soil and water conservation district supervisor is nonpartisan and district wide. Candidates are elected in a general election to a 4-year term. Vacancies are filled by appointment by the remaining supervisors until the next general election. Supervisors receive no monetary compensation for their services.

The Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District was established effective July 20, 1987 as an independent special district in accordance with the provisions of the Soil and Water Conservation Law, Chapter 582, Florida Statutes, originally enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1937. This action was taken by the Florida Department of Agriculture, in concert with the Florida Department of State. The District received it's charter in 1988. The Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District operates as a governmental subdivision of the State as evidenced by its certificate of due organization on file with the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District was organized for the purpose of providing procedures for assisting landowners with agricultural issues related to the conservation of natural resources. As a subdivision of State Government, we have the ability to seek, utilize and coordinate financial and technical assistance from all available sources, be they local, state or federal, so that all people will have a better environment in which to live. It is our goal to identify present and future needs for the conservation protection and development of natural resources within Jackson County. We are prepared to exercise, within our boundaries, public powers as authorized by law, as amended and supplemented.

It is our hope that Jackson County becomes a strong "Conservation Community", a group of informed citizens and agencies who work together to protect our natural resource base by providing education and information about critical local natural resource issues. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve you and to help raise conservation awareness within Jackson County, Florida.

For information regarding any of our services and/or funding opportunities, please contact Lola Allard @ (850) 526-2610 ext 101 or (850) 718-6357.

Anyone wishing to have a "LINK" or contact information placed on our website, please contact Lola at (850) 526-2610 ext 101.

***Jackson County Board of County Commissioners (Jackson County, Florida) - Jackson County BOCC

***Florida Conservation District Employees Association - FCDEA

***Association of Florida Conservation Districts - AFCD

***National Association of Conservation Districts - NACD

***Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services/Office of Agricultural Water Policy - FDACS / OAWP

***United States Department of Agriculture / Natural Resources Conservation Service - USDA / NRCS

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***Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences / University of Florida Extension - IFAS / UofF
Jackson County, Florida IFAS Extension Office

***Northwest Florida Water Management District - NWFWMD

The Water Management District's cost-share program is focused on the Jackson Blue Spring BMAP area but is fairly robust within that area. All information (map, brochure, application, etc.) is available at:

Or you may contact:
Angela Chelette, Agriculture Liaison
(850) 539-2650/ FAX (850) 539-2777

​Revenue and Financial Information

The Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District does not collect or impose taxes, fees, or any charges for services rendered. We are a Non Profit Organization.  

FISCAL YEAR:  October 1 to September 30
Tentative Budget FY 2015 / 2016 (Final Adopted Budget Requested)

Click  http://www.jacksoncountyfl.net/images/stories/Docs/budget/tentative%20FY16-17%20Budget.pdf  to view the JSWCD's working budget for the current fiscal year. Scroll through the Jackson County BCC Budget. 

To view the special district's Annual Financial Report (required by Section 218.32 (1) (g), Florida Statutes):

To view the Special District's Audit Report for the most "recent" fiscal year, please visit:

The next general meeting of the Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District:




February 13, 2017

10:00 a.m.

University of Florida IFAS Jackson Co. Extension Meeting Room B

If you plan to attend our meeting and/or have an item(s) that you would like placed on the Agenda, please contact:

Lola Allard
(850) 718-6357

Date:            October 18, 2016

Place:            University of Florida IFAS Extension Conference Center


Quorum Present:    YES

Board Members Present:

B.E. Davis, Jr.        -Supervisor Seat 5 / Chairman

Mack Glass             -Supervisor Seat 1

Tom Stadsklev       -Supervisor Seat 3 / Treasurer

Steve Basford         -Supervisor Seat 4

Others Present:

Lola Allard (Jackson SWCD), Tom Batey (JSWCD/OAWP), Mark Miles (JSWCD/MIL), Rex Patterson (JSWCD/MIL, David Cambron (FDACS), Daniel Stanley (FDACS), Jessica Stempien (FDACS), Marie Arick (Jackson Co. IFAS Ext.), Matt Lollar (Jackson Co. IFAS Ext.), Jeff Norville (NRCS), Mary Jane Nelson (NRCS).


  • The meeting of the Jackson SWCD was called to order.

  • Minutes of the August 29, 2016 meeting - reviewed by the JSWCD Board and approved as submitted.

  • Finance Report - reviewed by the Board and approved as submitted.

  • Marie Arick (University of Florida IFAS Jackson County Extension Office Family and Consumer Sciences Agent - FCS Agent) presented a request for support / sponsorship in the form of monetary donations to help in reaching program goals. Supervisor Tom Stadsklev made a motion to support the Jackson County FCS Agent and make a donation in the amount of $500.00. Supervisor Mack Glass seconded and motion carried.

  • A letter from Caleb Reed / Stan Scurlock (Cottondale High School FFA) requesting a donation in the amount of $800.00 to assist with travel expenses incurred and expected for participation in the District II FFA Forestry Field Day in Blountstown, FL and subsequent FFA State Forestry Finals in Perry, FL was submitted for approval. A letter from Hailey McDaniel / Jillian Etress (Sneads High School FFA) requesting a donation in support of the organizations travel expenses and participation at the National FFA Convention in Indiana was submitted for approval. Supervisor Mack Glass made a motion to approve $800.00 for Cottondale High School FFA and $1,000.00 for Sneads High School FFA to help cover necessary expenses for these events. Supervisor Steve Basford seconded and motion carried.

  • Tom Batey (JSWCD/OAWP technician) gave a report on his activity under the contract agreement between Jackson SWCD and FDACS.
  • FDACS - David Cambron, Daniel Stanley, and Jessica Stempien conveyed information regarding Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services projects.

  • NRCS - Mary Jane Nelson and Jeff Norville gave reports on goings on with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Jackson County.

  • FDACS/MIL - Mark Miles and the other MIL technicians were in attendance to discuss the Mobile Irrigation Lab contract between the Jackson SWCD and FDACS. There have been several “working” meetings for information gathering as we work through provisions of the contract. Supervisor Mack Glass made a motion for the Jackson SWCD to take over the roll of implementing the contract for FDACS. Supervisor Steve Basford seconded and motion carried. The Jackson SWCD will employ Mark Miles, Rex Patterson, and Robert Patterson as MIL Technicians for the duration of the MIL Contract with FDACS.

  • With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.